Creating a piece of art need not end up being an expensive affair. All the more so when you want kids to indulge in and have fun with. Art materials are within our arm’s reach, within our homes.

Hobby artist Prathima M.G. believes engaging with young minds inspires her to think creatively. Her summer classes have always been a hit with the kids while she brings the best out of materials commonly found at home.

“Teaching kids is always a fun challenge. Simple ideas make for an enjoyable pastime,” she says. It’s not just the act of drawing and painting but the techniques used in making these pieces of art and craft help kids look at them creatively.

For example the blowing technique used in creating the butterfly; straws have always been used to blow bubbles. Here a dash of paint is splashed on the paper and immediately blown using a straw to render the effect.

In the age of limited attention, more screen time, engaging children in any activity is a challenge. While they make for a fun learning experience for children, adults can allow themselves a creative break for therapeutic reasons.

Unlike Dory, a fish with memory

An old useless CD gets a colourful makeover!

Blow away a butterfly

Blobs of water colour dabbed on paper; blown with a straw to give the desired effect.

Wooly White sheep

A combination of fluffy cotton and simple sketch turns into a cute animal.

Bird by bud

Cotton buds dipped in vibrant colours and dot them all around.

Garden by fingertips

Finger painting has always been fun.

Bit by bit

Coloured paper bits artistically arranged into a mosaic