We shop online. We get the order delivered at our doorstep. We feel happy of our purchase and then discard the rest. Ever thought the humble packaging box that brought your order safe could turn into a magical piece of creation? Here’s what Selestin Anthony did when he spotted a corrugated box at home. Now, we cannot promise this chic lampshade is available in the market for sale! You’ve got to do it yourself!

How to make lampshade with packing box

Cut up two-inch width pieces in a pentagon shape. Stick the bottom piece to a flat base of cardboard.

How to make lampshade with packing box

Arrange them one top of the other. Stick them with glue.

Colour the DIY lampshade with packing box

Paint it with your favourite shade or stick a colour paper. We’d recommend a dark shade. You’ll see why.

Old CDs finally used!

Find an old CD and cut it to pieces. The more irregular they are, the more decorative they look!

Old CDs, new look!

Decorate with pieces of old CD all around using glue. You may use any other decorative piece lying around the house.

Chic decorative lampshade!

Attach a light bulb and you’ve got a beautiful, enviable lampshade to own!