The Dubai International Motor Show opened today and, as you would expect, didn’t disappoint. The collection of manufacturers’ cars is standard fare, with compact hatchbacks sitting glitteringly alongside family saloons and SUVs.

What you really want, though, is the crazy stuff. We spent the whole day touring the floors looking for the craziest and wildest cars on display. Some you can buy, some you can dream about, and some are not for you at all.

Get your gears around this lot…

Aston Martin DB10

If you’ve seen SPECTRE, you’ve seen this car. It’s James Bond’s new wheels and if you think you can have one too, dream on. It was built for His Bondness and His Bondness alone. It’s a one-off that you just have to see.

Price Zero. It’s not for sale.

Aston Martin Lagonda

We’ve seen the Lagonda before, and now it’s back. Originally, this luxury saloon was built between 1974 and 1990 and only 650 were made. This new generation, however, is only for the Middle East, so technically you could own one. If you have a spare island to sell.

Price US $1million (Dh3,672,950)

Bentley Bentayga

The world’s gone made. Once upon a time, the idea of Bentley making an SUV was as laughable as Kanye West making sense. But we live in changing times. Now, Mr. West wants to run for President, and Bentley have made what they believe will be the world’s fastest SUV. With a 6 litre twin-charged W12 engine, they may be right.

Price Dh985,000 before you include any options

Ferrari 488 Spider

To speak ill of Ferrari is like speaking ill of Mother Theresa: it holds no water because it’s foolish to try. The new 488 Spider is the convertible version of the 488, and it looks sensational. With an all-aluminium space frame holding a tuned Ferrari V8 in the back, this thing will go like stink.

Price Dh1 million

Ford GT40

Few cars are as iconic as the icon that is the iconic Ford GT40. The car was reinvented for the modern age a decade ago, and now it’s back once more. Hopefully this one will capture the imaginations of day dreamers like the last one. Well worth seeing.

Price Not yet announced

Infiniti Q80 concept car

We were so taken aback by this striking concept car that we just had to Tweet it. Concept cars rarely go into production, so don’t expect to see the Q80 parked on the kerb at JBR anytime soon. Going to see this car, though, is worthwhile. It may offer a glimpse of the future.

Price It’s a concept, so it doesn’t really exist

Jaguar C-X75

We’re getting all Bond on you again. The Jaguar C-X75 also featured in SPECTRE and, boy, what a car it is. Again, like the DB10, this is a one-off, despite its appearance remaining faithful the original C-X75. It’s the villain’s car, so it’s delightfully naughty.

Price Forget it. It’s not for sale

Lamborghini Huracan Spider

It was no surprise that Lamborghini would take a tin-opener to the Huracan, and now we can see what it looks like without a head. Delightful, we think. There isn’t much ugly about a roadster version of the baby-Lambo. It gets better, you can own one!

Price Dh1 million in loose change

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 has been with us for a couple of years now, but that doesn’t stop it still being one of the sexiest cars ever to grace asphalt. This hybrid hyper-car is superb to look at, but you won’t be able to touch it.  The McLaren team has it off-limits.

Price Irrelevant

Mercedes G500 4×4/2

The Mercedes G500 4×4 squared (yes, squared) is the most expensive SUV on display at the Dubai International Motor Show – well, of the ones that published their prices anyway. Everything about this steroid-infused beast is monstrous, even the colour. If you fancy a spot of dune bashing, then visit the Merc stand.

Price Dh990,000 starting price

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman

Straight away you can’t afford one. Come to think of it, though, you might. There is no price for this stretched limo as they are made to order. There is nothing, nothing d’ya hear, that is quite so luxurious as this monster. It’s like flying  First Class, but in better surroundings.

Price *Explosion*

Range Rover SV Autobiography

Don’t worry, it’s not a book, but you could fill one with what comes inside Range Rover’s new, limited edition Autobiography. With an extended wheelbase and several miles of legroom, the two-tone British legend is a true selfie moment. Stop by the Land Rover stand to catch a glimpse.

Price Not announced, but expect many zeroes

Rolls Royce Dawn

It doesn’t matter if you have a Phantom, Ghost, or Wraith, the Rolls Royce owner’s club is the most exclusive of them all. The engine is a direct-injection twin-turbo 6.6 litre V12 which churns out 563 horsepower. It doesn’t matter though, because it’s a Rolls Royce, and the power is aimed at keeping things peaceful. Embrace the Rolls’ stand. Unlike a lot of the cars on this list, at least you can buy one.

Price Starting at Dh1.6 million

Toyota Mirai

It may seem odd that amongst all the flashy sports cars, luxurious stately saloons, and turbocharged SUVs, that we’d include a staid Japanese saloon. Bear with us. The Mirai is powered by hydrogen and the only emission that spout from its tailpipe is pure water. Forget all this hybrid and electric car gibberish, the hydrogen fuel-cell is the future. Stop by the Toyota stand and check it out. (No, you can’t buy it just yet. Not until the UAE installs hydrogen pumps).

Price Who knows?

W Motors Fenyr

W Motors is an Arabian brand, and nothing will up the stakes of the MENA region quite like this jaw-dropping, and simply staggering, Fenyr. Fenyr means something, but we can’t remember what. However it doesn’t matter, just get yourself along to the W Motors stand and watch this car rotate for hours on end. It. Is. Sensational.

Price US $1.8 million (Dh6,610,950). Bargain