The days of fiddling through your bag at the fuel pump for cash or card will soon be gone, thanks to the new Vehicle identification Pass (ViP) – a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled cashless system available at ENOC/EPPCO petrol stations.

This new cashless, cardless system uses a technology that consists of a safely encoded RFID tag attached near the fuel tank of the vehicle, enabling the nozzle to automatically recognise the person’s fuelling preference that they have set for the car. It also calculates the amount of fuel filled and the payment will be credited automatically from the registered ViP account. The RFID tags can be installed in any ENOC petrol station for AED 250 per tag. Registration and top up can also be done at the stations or online at Residents must show proof of Emirates ID and vehicle registration card while tourists need to produce their passport and vehicle registration card.There is no limit on the amount of cars registered under one name, but every car needs to have a ViP card.

This system will ensure hassle free refuelling experience for the customers, and also will be an effective way of keeping track on the money spent on fuel. The users will get an SMS notification after every transaction, and they can also manage their account online, making the ViP a smart choice for both corporate clients and commercial clients.