In today’s world of growing health consciousness, people are turning towards fitness as a part of their daily routine. The city of Abu Dhabi devised a new initiative to encourage and promote fitness among their citizens.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has constructed three paths, a running path, walking path and cycling path from Mina Zayed and ends at intersection A7 on the corniche. The paths built have been scientifically designed to eliminate any negative impact for people who use these paths.

The municipality started construction of the Walk project in December and completed it by May this year, 2016, at a cost of 4 million Dirhams. During the construction of the walk paths, the municipality provided alternate walking paths with shelter to make the construction less of an inconvenience for the users.

The project is part of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport as well as the Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s plans to improve the quality of life in the Capital. The vision of the project is in line with Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 that aims at raising the bar on service delivery.