For all the daredevils, madcaps and adventurous souls out there, Dubai has the perfect new first-of-its-kind jaw dropping attraction—AYKON Dare.

It is a sky walk that starts at the 79th floor and the visitors will be walking on a glass- floored ledge along the outer walls of the skyscraper. Once at the 80th floor, the pinnacle of the skyscraper, the visitors will step on to an observation deck and will get to see daring and breath taking 360 degree views of Dubai.

There will also be a glass capsule before starting out the ascent to 80th floor, which is 935ft above the ground. Worry not, the visitors will be harnessed in and secured to a safety rail.

The glass ledge is said to give the visitors a feeling of walking in the air. It is touted that on a clear day visitors can see up to 64kms into the horizon, stretching as far as Dubai- Abu Dhabi border. The whole experience is to take about an hour.

This attraction is a part of AYKON City project which will be accommodating six towers including luxury apartments and five star hotels. AYKON Dare will be in one of its five star hotels. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.