Modhesh World is one stop destination for kids and teens, with unlimited fun, learning and socializing. It is the largest indoor edutainment in the region, located in Dubai World Trade Centre. The mascot of the festival, Modhesh, is a character derived from a jack in the box figurine. With his sunny disposition, infectious enthusiasm, and optimistic outlook on life, Modhesh is an embodiment of all that fun represents. The festival hosts an array of activities like, live shows, food trucks, petting farm, shooting and much more.


The festival saw people from various places, visiting or staying in Dubai who had positive things to say about the Modhesh World experience. Visiting tourist from Iraq and mother of Fatma Hussain said, “My daughter and I loved the Modhesh theatre. I really enjoyed it and we had an exciting time dancing to the music, and imitating the performers. Having taken a tour around Modhesh World, I can tell that aside from providing entertainment to families, the choice of shows and activities in this destination is helpful in encouraging children to be creative and to use their talents in performing arts. I’m sure that during our next visit to Dubai, we will return to Modhesh World.”

The kids to evoke their excitement and experience of Modhesh World, Maithaa 7 Years old from Ras Al Khaimah said, “I love all the rides and games here at Modhesh World. Every time I am here, I feel so alive. I get so much excited from the adventure this place brings. Nadine Sameh, 8 Years old from Egypt exclaimed, “We live in Ajman but I make sure that my parents bring me here to Modhesh World every time it is open. I like the shows, rides, food, art activities, and of course, Modhesh!”

Modhesh world stands out to be an enthralling experience with a lot of learning and entertainment for all age groups. Located in Dubai World Trade Centre, the festival is open from 27th June to 27th August. For more information on the festival, please visit,