“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, Ashwin and Jesika Menon, founders of the Gaia creative educative Centre, seem to understand this best. The Gaia Centre incorporates Art, Drama, Creative writing, Communication to learning, making this a one of a kind course for both children and adults.

They use methods like games, outdoor excursions and practical application of performance skills to teach their students. This kind of creative education helps children explore area and subjects that they would not explore otherwise. In addition to this they also prepare their students for international examinations. For their course in speech, drama and communication they provide certification from Trinity University, London.

The Students get to exhibit their skills at the Middle East Comic Con in Dubai and the Emirates Airlines Literature Festival.

The Gaia Centre also conducts Camps for children during vacation to learn Art, Design, Speech, Drama and Communication Skills. All of these skills help their students become expressive, creative and communicative. The outcome is a refined intrinsic and extrinsic persona.

The Gaia Centre organises and annual event called ‘Dream Speak’, where the students get to showcase their skills like set designing, props and costume designing, music, acting and various other creative talents. Parents also get to witness their children showcasing their talents at ‘Dream Speak’.

From curious children to aspiring actors, Gaia Centre has something for everyone. They believe in bridging the gap between formal education and creative education and helping their students grow from an overall perspective. The Gaia Centre is a new dimension that can help children and adults explore their creative geniuses.