A unique experience comes to Dubai this March, one that promises to take you straight to dreamland.

From March 9th until the end of March, French design house Smarin are set to open The Nap Bar in Al Quoz. Entry is free and customers have access to a special nap pillow, an original lullaby, a special herbal tea, some essential oils and a special nap poncho – all designed to offer customers the best sleep of their lives.

The Nap Bar also offers a range of one-of-a-kind products designed to make it easier to fall asleep, some of which are:

The Dune: A special chair filled with foam of varying densities that ups your comfort level to maximum.

Kairos: A collection of lights that slowly fade on and off over five-second intervals, to help you maintain an even breathing pattern.

Mobileshadows: A series of cloud-like shapes made of silk/linen designed to create shadows in the room to relax the mind.

Sinyshadows: Circular installations suspended by cables that work in tandem with the Mobileshadows to re-create the feeling of sleeping under an open sky.

The Nap Bar is set to be open between 10am and 7pm on everyday except Fridays.