Combining new age folk with classic blues, Josh Monteath’s music is refreshingly melodic and filled with heartfelt messages.

Like most songwriters, Monteath’s songs are derived from his own personal life and experiences. He firmly believes that to be able to write well, one must write about what one knows. In Monteath’s case, he writes about the people around him, the little things we do, that special girl, and what inspires him whether it be good or bad.

More than anything, Monteath enjoys sharing his music and stories and hopes that people find their own way of relating to it.

Below, he joins Yello Ideas in an exclusive interview:

1.What inspires you?

Without sounding too cliche, my main inspiration would be my life experiences. Most of my music is about a time in life whether it be good or bad. My music is essentially my voice, because I can be a bit closed off in terms of sharing personal stuff.

2.When did you discover your flair in music?

My flair in music, had always been with the times and the influences at the time. I’d have to say the most comfortable I’ve been with writing music and enjoying the music I compose, came after I heard John Mayer’s Solo in Gravity (Live in L.A). That single moment defined what type of a musician I’d be and what type of a musician I want to be.

3.Please describe the genre of music you sing?

That’s a tough question, I usually say singer-songwriter cause it’s an easy title (chuckles).
But I guess it would be a cross between blues/folk/pop.

4.What is the reason behind choosing the particular genre?

I find it hard to define what genre of music I play, so it’s hard to say why, but I certainly didn’t pick it. It just felt right, much like how my music changes from time-to-time, cause it just feels right.

5.What motivates you to write?

People and events in my life.

6.Are you an early person?

I am, indeed.

7.What time of the day do you prefer for song writing?

It kind of just happens at anytime, it’s never really planned. Having said that, there’s just something about writing at midnight or early in the AM. I guess cause everyone’s a sleep and you’re just working on something so special, it feels like you’re the only one doing something at that hour…and that feels really nice (though it makes for some really tiring afternoons).

8.Who is your inspiration in the music world? (Legendary musicians, bands, etc.)

BB King, Aerosmith, John Mayer, Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Aaron Neville, Kings Of Leon…I could keep going on. (laughs)

9.Have you observed a specific age group that listens to your music more?

For the most part it would be between 17- 40, but every now and then I get some great compliments from people in their 60’s. I often worry that my music would not be their cup of tea, so it’s nice when you realize that’s not the case.

10.Who do you aspire to be in the minds of your listeners?

Someone they can relate to, someone who moves them with his art, the same way I’ve been moved by my influences.

11.A message for your fans.

Thank you so much for listening! As a musician, the best thing one could ask for is to have loving fans who support you, and to have that continuous support makes this journey so much more interesting than it already is!