Dubai steps into a new realm of 3D printing. Never failing to surprise us with their innovation and efficiency, Dubai prints an office using 3D printing technology.

This state of the art office was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. “We see this project as a case study that will benefit regulators as well as research and development centres at the regional and international levels on real application of 3-D printing technology. We are documenting this experience and building on it to take advantage of the most important lessons, which will serve as reference points to take this technology to new levels” His Highness stated.

This project gives us a glimpse into the future of construction and architecture. The project was initiated with the vision of having efficient and economical development in construction by the year 2030.

FloorThe office is spread over 250 square meters. The project took about 17 days to build the main structures, after which the architectural nuances were added. A 3D-printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide was used to print the building along with additional mobile printers which improved the efficiency. The 3D printer used a special cement mixture, layer by layer.

The design of the office strays away from the traditional form of work environments and provides greater opportunities to stimulate innovation and communication between work teams. Innovative features have been adopted in the office building to reduce energy consumption. Latest technology has been used in the management of information systems within the building. The design also offers space for exhibitions and workshops as well as other events. The office plan will initially house the Dubai Future Foundation.,,
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